Sylvia has always been surrounded by the unique flavors of Sonoran-style cooking. As a young girl she enjoyed spending time in her grandmother's Mexican kitchen, watching skilled hands stretch homemade tortillas and stir together sauces bursting with aromas of fresh chiles and spices. She grew up in the markets and small restaurants her parents owned in Phoenix, Arizona, and along with her six siblings, learned the food service business from the inside out. Favorite dishes, such as such as Menudo Rojo, Chile Rellenos and Chorizo con Huevos - along with family favorites Mariscos con Arroz, frijoles and Tia's Tequila Quenchers, were prepared for patrons in the family's neighborhood restaurants and new recipes were created for guests with insatiable tastes for flavorful Sonoran cuisine.

Today, after many years of crafting great food and providing stellar service, Sylvia's Mexican Restaurant has become the standard-setter in the Phoenix food service industry. Perfected through the application of old-world experience, the finest, freshest ingredients and a genuine love of great food, Sylvia's trademarked menu items will be sure to please even the toughest Mexican food critic.

Sylvia's Mexican Restaurant serves a full menu of Sonoran favorites. 

Pick up her book Sylvia Cooks Sonoran Style at either one of her locations.