Happy Hour Mod- Friday 4-Close 1/2 price Appetizers   3.00 Well, Wine, Margaritas, Pacifico, Corona

Weekday Breakfast Special  Wake up American or Mexican 5.99 Mon- Friday 7 am till 2 pm

Tuesday Taco Fest 2 Dollar Traditional Tacos, 2.00 Dollar Carne Asada Tacos and 2 Dollar Pacifico

 Lunch Specials 7.99  

LS #1 19 Combo Red or Green Chile Rice and Beans

LS #2 Mateo Burger n Fries 

LS #3 Grande Taco Salad choice of Taco Beef, Machaca or Chicken

Daily Specials

Monday Special  $7.95 #12  Combo Red or Gr Burrito, Rice and Beans

Tuesday Special $7.95  #21 2 Traditional Tacos, Beans and Rice

Wednesday Special $7.95 2 Cheese Enchiladas, Beans and Rice

Thursday Special $7.95 Red or Green Chile Burrito Enchilada Style

Friday Special 7,95 Red or Green Chile Burrito, Beef Taco

Saturday Special 7,95 2 Chicken Tacos Rice and Beans

Sunday Special 10.99 Steak Dinner Fritanga's, or Ranchero Style